How to Care for Original Artwork

About Zeh Original Art - Caring for Your Artwork

Watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings will last for many, many decades if proper materials are used in their construction. All my original art is made with archival, acid-free materials and professional grade paints. I choose the best pigments from a range of highly permanent colors. This means that your painting will not fade with time.

Even so, there are a few things you can do to help preserve your art. Keeping your painting out of direct sunlight is a good first precaution to take. Install paintings where the direct sun will not shine on them or use sheer curtains to filter the light.

Watercolor paintings and prints on paper need a glass covering and an acid-free mat or a spacer to keep the artpiece from touching the glass. All matted Zeh Original Watercolors have both an acid-free mat and acid-free backing.

Original acrylic paintings and watercolors on canvas or panel are protected with a coat of clear varnish and do not need a glass front. They may be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with plain water if needed.

Oil paintings are shipped to you unvarnished. Varnish cannot be safely used before six months as oil paints take that long to thoroughly cure. Varnish added before then may crack. If, after six months, you wish to varnish an oil painting for protection, use varnish designed for paintings in order to avoid yellowing. You can find a good spray varnish at an art supply store. Clean oil paintings with a soft cloth slightly dampened with plain water and allow to dry for a few days before varnishing.

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