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"...Janet works in a very timely manner, the end result is more beautiful than Internet pictures portray... I've run art auctions with many prominent Philadelphia artists - Janet's art rivals the best." ~Denise Courtney
Do you need a painting of a special subject or size? Please Contact me with your ideas. I'll be happy to work with you to bring your ideas to life.

Watercolor custom painting of a girl and her grandfather at the beach
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Keep treasured memories forever!

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Partial Payment: I am happy to accept a deposit payment of 50% with balance due upon completion of the painting. Contact me and I'll send you an invoice for the deposit to get your order on my schedule.

    Comments from happy clients
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    'Tranquil Tradition' watercolor 8x10

    " husband (and everyone else who has seen it!) is over the moon in love with this piece. Thank you for your artful eye......this will be forever treasured." ~Amy Theriot

    'Our River' custom oil landscape painting
    'Our River' oil painting on canvas 14x18

    " is perfect. I can not thank you enough for this very special painting. You made the process of explaining what i wanted so easy and your interpretation of my ideas are more spot on then i could have hoped for. You have an amazing talent. Thank you again"
    ~Mary Anderson

    'Lila and Tucker' custom watercolor painting
    'Lila and Tucker' watercolor 14x11

    "Thank you so much for painting this picture for me. I was in tears when I opened it this afternoon. It is amazing. You captured my favorite things beautifully!" ~Lila Todd

    'Wedding Flowers' custom oil painting on canvas
    'Wedding Flowers' oil on canvas 18x14

    "Steffans and I received this painting today, and I LOVE it!!! While very lovely, the Facebook picture of it doesn't even come close to the beauty of your painting in person. So much detail, and I cherish the special note on the back. Thank you so very much!" ~Phoenix Hardin

    Vase of Asters custom oil painting
    'Vase of Asters' oil on panel 10"x8"

    "This may sound corny but when I opened the package and saw the painting, I got a lump in my throat. You did such a nice job and really caught the feeling, as well as the look, of the original - I'm so very grateful...You can imagine how much this means to me. Thanks so much for restoring an heirloom."~Rich Remer

    'East Beach' custom watercolor seascape painting
    'East Beach' watercolor 10"x16"

    " Love it, love it.!!! I can't wait to give it to my son and his fiance; It's so special."~Lucille Furia

    'Kayaking' custom watercolor painting
    'Kayaking' watercolor 8"x10"

    "Well, it is so much more than I expected! I am crying as I write this. I love it and I can hardly wait for my daughter to open it on Christmas. Thanks for a wonderful piece of art!"~M. Goodwin

    'The Children's Garden' custom watercolor painting
    'The Children's Garden' watercolor 8"x10"

    "I love it! It is p-e-r-f-e-c-t. My MIL is going to cry when she sees it. The story is a wonderful touch. I've already told a bunch of people about your work. I'll be back!" ~Shana

    Sunset Beach custom Watercolor Painting
    'Sunset Beach' watercolor 16"x20"

    "Your painting is stunning!!! I love all the vibrant colors and how you have captured the human element in proportion with all of nature's glory. I could not be happier with your artwork. I love it!!! Thanks so much for this creation." ~Pam Eggers

    Girl and her dog at the beach watercolor custom painting
    'Camille and Wally' watercolor 11"x14"

    "Janet, I love the painting. I've already dropped it off for framing. I will definitely contact you again."~ Kyle Huckabee

    Custom oil painting of St. Barts Island
    'Tropical Retreat' oil on canvas 10"x30"
    "I just opened the painting - it is awesome! I love it!... Thanks so much for helping to make our first anniversary special - and we'll now have that memory forever. " ~Jeff T

    Two boys and their pets in a happy place custom watercolor
    'A Happy Place' Oil on canvas 20"x24"

    "It is absolutely beautiful! I love it! I know my sister will find great comfort from your creation. Thank you so much." ~Donna Ballerini

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    What is an Original Painting?

    An original painting is one that is hand-painted by the artist. You are getting the artwork that came off the easel. It is the original concept of the artist and not a copy of anyone else's work.

    All Zeh original paintings are my own concepts and designs. My flower paintings are typically from my own gardens or those of friends. My landscapes and seascapes are from photos or sketches I've taken either in my local area or when traveling.

    Owning an original artwork is a special joy for the collector. You want to enjoy it for a lifetime and then bequeath it to someone you love. For this reason, I use professional quality paints and archival materials in the painting and framing processes. This insures that your treasure will stay as fresh as the day it was painted for many generations.

    Custom originals are made in collaboration with the collector.  I work with your photos and ideas to design an original work just for you.

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    What is a Giclee Fine Art Print?

    A giclee (zhee-klay) print is made from a digital photo or scan of the original artwork. The print is made by spraying archival quality inks onto fine art paper, canvas or other medium and can be made to many different sizes. The giclee process provides better color accuracy than any other types of image reproduction. I use a high quality lab to process my prints.

    Giclee prints will keep their true colors for 60 to 100 years in a typical home setting when displayed away from sunlight and moisture. Click here for more information about my fine art prints.

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    Watercolor 5"x7"

    Oil on canvas 5"x7"

    Oil on panel 5"x7"

    Watercolor 5"x7"

    Watercolor 8"x10"

    Watercolor 8"x10"

    Watercolor 8"x10"

    Watercolor 14"x11"

    Watercolor 11"x14"

    Watercolor 11"x14"

    Watercolor 11"x14"

    Oil on canvas 15"x22"

    Watercolor 27"x37"